Mines Wellness City (MWC) is an embodiment of the corporate philosophy of its Master Developer, Country Heights Holdings Berhad: “Ever Searching for Better Living”. The importance of preventive healthcare and a balanced lifestyle towards building healthy communities are imperatives in today’s stressful and high-paced world. MWC thus draws inspiration from this corporate philosophy to deliver products and benefits of high quality for the society and nation.

MWC is poised to become the first integrated health and wellness destination in the region in terms of size and value. It will serve to become a stepping-stone in fulfilling the country’s vision of bettering standards of living and creating sustainable jobs for the local communities.


Serving as a link between today’s healthcare economy and the wellness economy of the future, MWC believes that health services, residential homes, business offices, schools, entertainment and other day-to-day places of visit, need to incorporate a conscious living footprint that is sustainable for the future in how we live, work, learn and play.

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